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Making a Global Stand Against Domestic Violence

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On Friday the13th, of all days, my beautiful vocalist, Robin Munis and I were performing in our band, at a restaurant called Old Chicago in Cheyenne, Wyoming. As the clock neared midnight, her husband, an Army Sniper, pulled up in the parking lot and fired one shot; killing her instantly in the middle of a song; my band was spared. A manhunt soon ensued and the father took his life three days later; leaving four children behind to pick up the pieces. As a result of this tragedy, I am a very proactive proponent of the awareness and prevention of Domestic Violence. Robin's life was taken doing what she loved most, next to raising her children; playing music. I have continued performing since then, taking my story worldwide in the various venues I play with my band, as part of my current live show both here in the States, as well as in Europe. I have written a song about this event called “Blink of an Eye” and it's on this site. Please give it a listen? I currently support the Wyoming Safehouse Services Organization in Cheyenne, WY. http://www.wyomingsafehouse.org. While I have other compositions; this is road I am currently traveling. I am currently pitching “Blink of an Eye” in Nashville as well as my other originals. If you are a songwriter, please let me know of you want to consider doing any collaborations? I am open to ANY style. Contact me here or @ my Facebook Music Page

The Band:
  • Josh Reese - Guitar / Fiddle / Vocals
  • Robert Honeycutt - Percussion, Vocals, Songwriter

  • Chris Hoover - Bass Guitar / Vocals

  • Ty Warner - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Mandilon

The Producers:

  • Bobby Phillipps 

  • Joel Johnson

The Songwriters:

  • Todd Dereemer - Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar

  • Robert Honeycutt - Percussion, Vocals, Songwriter

  • Ty Warner - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Mandilon

  • Josh Reese - Guitar / Fiddle / Vocals, songwriter


Genre: #Country #Folk #ContemporaryCountry

 Based in Cheyenne, WY

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